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im sorry to announce.. [21 Apr 2003|08:38pm]

alright ladies + gentlemen.. i have decided to make my journal friends only. why? a few reasons.. i like to keep control + know who is reading my journals. if you want to be on my friends list please leave a comment..
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crazy lazy jane.. or kristin.. [05 Apr 2003|01:18am]
[ mood | happy ]

tonight was fun. ate dinner @ coney. it was very good. saw the movie. omg it was amazing!! my new favorite movie. hahaha. lauren wouldnt shut up through the whole thing. haha. the ticket lady told me i looked like amanda bynes. haha it was funny. she made a big deal about it. lauren thinks i do too cause my cheeks are supposeabley big like hers. okay she seriously cant go out in public anymore. its 1 am + im tired. i would write more but im not going to. im lazy. it was fun + thats all you need to know.

random facts for your enjoyment.. goodnight

people spend two weeks of their lifes waiting for a green light. you consume one tenth of a calorie every time you lick a stamp. women blink nearly twice as much as men do.

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chicken is a god [02 Apr 2003|10:35pm]
[ mood | sore ]

i layed down all day on my lazy butt. god im so lazy. i was so tired + i didnt feel good though.. so i guess its okay. i went to the dentist tonightttt. i officially hate the dentist now. they cleaned my teeth & stuff. they lady totally cut me while doing that & i was bleeding. psh. then they decided that i had to have a tooth pulled sometime. they decided "wow.. lets do it right now!". ugh. i freaked a little cause it meant shot. shots involve needles & i really hate/afraid of needles. i dont know why, i just am. well they did it & my mouth hurts. oh well. i still hate the dentist now for good. since that tooth like was weird.. it made food get caught under it & im started to get 2 cavities on the tooth that was underneath it. argh!!! gotta go back in a few months. NO MORE SHOTS!! @ the dentist i saw this lady who looked EXACTLY like ms. laytner. it was soooooo crazy. it was probably her with just a wig on. maybe her sister. i mean it looked like her twin.. just with different hair. it was so weird. i arrived @ dance like 30 mins late. i think i hurt some muscle in my legg. well i didnt stretch at all cause i came in late.. that could be why. thats basically it.. i think. more tomorrow.

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cousin's quizzie thingy [02 Apr 2003|12:13pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I scored a 50% on the "How Scituate, RI are you?" Quizie! What about you?</b>

thank god i live in michigan.. or else i would be in trouble if i lived back there. its seriously like a different language out there. okay not really.. but some words are weird out east, like boston. tehehe ok i need to shut up.

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1/2 to the day.. what what? [02 Apr 2003|12:10pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

woah. scary stuff. i woke up this morning, got my clothes out & headed into the bathroom & i blacked out for a few seconds. it was so weird. i woke up on the ground. lol i just shook it off & went on as usual. i was so happy it was warm today. i got to wear my new skirt. english we went over lord of the flies + had a quiz. 8/10 for kristin. ugh i cant read books that are extremely horrible & then concentrate on every single detail they said. geometry we got quizzes back. i got 1 & half wrong. & it was stupid mistake that i did. ugh. felt soooooo sick all hour. french still felt a little sick. had quiz.. i think i did okay :-\ well the rest of the hour was so much fun. we colored in pictures of fish & cut em out. then we put tape on the back + have to sneak up to someone & put on there back. hahaha. they do that in french on april fools day.. but we didnt have french class yesterday so we did it today. lol silly french culture.. they run up to people + put fish on their backs + say poisille d'avril (sp). which means fish of april in english. @ first i thought they threw real fish @ people. hahaha. then ms. clugston gave us some swedish fish. tehehe. we stuck our paper fish on everyones backs. it was so much fun. hahahaha. :-p then i came home & just watched some tv. i have dentist appointment late + dance + hw. ugh. american idol tonight. woo. why do my 1/2 days always get ruined for me? ugh.. oh well.

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"i was stained w/a role, in a day not my own.." [01 Apr 2003|10:16pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

today was just.. blah. i woke up & felt really sick. looked like crap too. went to history & half our class was basically gone. desktop publishing i actually finished my project. suprise, suprise. swim was ugh. we learned two new strokes.. well no we just worked on em. we learned em a long time ago but never really worked on em. i hate swim. i still smell like chlorine. lunch i hung out w/lisa, katie & lauren. science was boring. went by slow. it just wasnt good. worked on in class activity. lindsey & marissa were my partners. we had to do it over again cause our stupid table wasnt straight. ugh, its not like we could help that. well me + lindsey concluded that ms. nadeaus room is just totally slanted all over. came home & watched tv. didnt do much hw. ill do it tomorrow. redid journal. it will last me a few days. until i find something i like better. tomorrow is half day. coming home after school to work on some hw tomorrow. then dentist & then off to dance. things are frustrating. people are frustrating. its okay though.. u get used to it after awhile.

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no more snow please! [31 Mar 2003|10:17pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

ok today was seriously like the worst day of french. everything was just bad. afterschool i just layed down & watched tv all day. i was so tired. i almost fell asleep, but i had to go to dance. ballet actually wasnt that bad today. we did this one stretch today. it kinda hurt. i listened to all the things gretchen was saying to improve the dance & i applied it to my dancing. i tried so hard today. i was so proud of myself. i want gretchen to realize how hard im working, if she doesnt already. after i came home & did all my hw. i sat in that one stretch we did in ballet while i read lord of the flies. i seriously couldnt take it anymore.. it hurt really bad. i stayed in it for like 10-15 mins. i lasted the whole chapter. then i couldnt get out of the position. ha i was stuck. but oh well. im proud of myself.. for a few reasons. im finding a lot of new friends, i didnt give in to temptations on food (im doing good on my diet! yay! 1 day down.. several to go..), im trying a lot harder @ dance (especially in ballet). tomorrow is tuesday. yay. day 1 + american idol + no dance!! hooray for tuesdays!!

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lunch time :p [31 Mar 2003|12:35pm]
[ mood | determined ]

woo i came home for lunch. yay. my day was boring. english we had a sub. her name was ms. english. hmm. well we worked on a wksheet & thats basically it. geometry we took a quiz. i probably failed like usual. seminar i was supposed to go do a swim make up, but i decided i didnt wanna go so i didnt. bad kristin. instead i just read lord of the flies. well i tried to at least. i couldnt concentrate with everything going on around me. laytner is making us do "community service". we have to clean up the little area outside between design studio & door to main building thing. me + ashley signed up for like june 4-6. haha. it will be nice & warm & there will be nothing left for us to do. yay. next hour is french. it will be really boring. jacqui is getting her teeth pulled so no one to talk to. well i can talk to adrienne. then after school NO POMS!! yay! poms is officially over. hooray. more spare time. well.. kinda. but afterschool i have to go get liz's gift. then ballet tonight. ugh. im on a diet now. i havent eaten anything until now. i wasnt gonna eat lunch but my mom like kept bugging me to. so i ate a bananna. now its time to go do some crunches. i better stick to this diet, man. haha mondays are officially the worst day of the week.

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(*more lyrics*) [30 Mar 2003|10:37pm]
I wish I was brave
I wish I was stronger
wish I could feel no pain
wish I was young
wish I was shy
I wish I was honest
I wish I was you not I

Cause’ I feel so mad
I feel so angry
Feel so careless
So lost confused
Feel so cheep
So used unfaithful
Lets start over
Lets start over

Sometimes I wish I was smart
I wish I made cures for
How people are
I wish I had power
I wish I could give
I wish I could change the world
For you and me
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[30 Mar 2003|10:34pm]
[ mood | cold ]

do you care if i dont know what to say?
will you sleep tonight? will you think of me?
will i shake this off?
pretend its all okay?
is there someone out there who feels just like me?
there is..
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boring sunday [30 Mar 2003|10:22pm]
[ mood | jealous ]

today consisted of being absolutely lazy. i love being able to sit on my butt all day + do nothing. watched about 3 lifetime movies today. those are the best. they seriously are great. it was a "moment of truth" movie marathon. one of the movies there was a guy who reminded me of chris sooooo much. it was insane. then i decided to actually do some hw. read lord of the flies. man i hate that book. did some vocab for lotf. did some geometry hw after that. one of the lifetime movies inspired me. it was about a girl who was anorexic. well now i think im gonna eat healthier. not like anorexic like the girl in the movie, just eat healthier. maybe even a diet.. if i can try to actually do it. did a bunch of crunches during alias. im gonna try to do em every day. also gonna try to run every weekend.. when the weather stays nice. competitons are in less than 2 weeks. am i ready? i dont know. i mean i already competed, but 2 classes isnt enough for me to improve from last comp. oh well. now im not in a good mood. just upset. dont even know exactly why. jealous of a lot of things. sometimes it just isnt fair.

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oh yeah [30 Mar 2003|01:28am]
[ mood | bored ]

by the way, lauren redid my layout. eh its temporary. dance camp is gonna be so much fun this year. court might room w/us. its jess + laur & now maybe court! woo im sooooo excited :-D

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woah.. long time [30 Mar 2003|01:21am]
[ mood | hungry ]

i havent written in here in like forever. not really, but yeah. so lets go back. wednesday. hm.. nothing exciting. all i remember is ms. nadeau singing happy birthday. haha it was funny. also got jazz scores. we got a solid gold + we watched the tape. we were a lot better than i thought actually. thursday.. my day is a blur. afterschool poms took over me. 3:30-until show we had practice. it was crazy. we ordered pizza + stuff & it was kinda fun. it was sad.. our last time together :( well the show went alright. didnt mess up too bad. after went to dance. had tap + solo. solo.. i was .7 points away from a high gold. oh so close. friday.. the day is a blur again. hahaha. night we had 70's dance. first NO ONE was there.. then people started showing. it was alright :-\ hung out w/liz, katie, lauren, lisa a lot. hung out w/jess & others a lot too. came home & my feet KILLED. 3 hours in my "hooker boots".. omg they were in so much pain. today had dance like usually. modern was, well modern. lyrical we saw our tape. ugh it was so gross. we were so bad. we got a hard warm up. omg. ouch. production we saw tape.. we werent too bad. came home + cleaned room. did some hw & sat around. tomorrow courtney is coming over. yay! alc forever!! tehehe. gotta get liz's present tomorrow.. finish hw & new alias episode!!! yay! i know i still havent written my comp. entry! no time! i will tomorrow. ahh.

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heartbreaker.. im addicted to u.. [25 Mar 2003|09:54pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

today was boring. english we had a quiz.. woo 4/10 for kristin. geometry.. learned new lesson. seminar..worked on hw. lunch.. read book. french was so boring. me + jacqui got yelled @ for talking. we supposabley talk all the time. psh. we ate colored goldfish though. jacqui is a goldfish killer. too bad her mommy doesnt buy her colored goldfish. poms was long. went until 5:45. stuck@ home doing hw all night. still have so much.. im so tired. i wanna go to bed. ugh. too much to do this week.

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quick one for the ol' lj [24 Mar 2003|11:05pm]
[ mood | tired ]

ok well this is a quickie. no competition entry yet, i know. i promise to have it in by the end of the week. well today slept in until 10:30. i was still so tired when i woke up. went to school @ lunch to take math quiz i missed last uh wednesday. then hung out with liz for rest of lunch time. went to science. it was boring. at the end of class we got a 6 page wksheet package with both front & back!! ugh. i dont even understand anything in it, not really. afterschool was poms. ugh. so annoying.. we didnt add ANY to our opener cause terrell wasnt there. we need to finish it like NOW. practice was just review over a dance i already knew. it made me even more tired. then ran to ballet. went over score sheets + watched video of us. we were pretty good. we deserved our high gold (haha gold star). came home & did hw all night. also watched a few episodes of road rules/real world battle of the sexes. good show. now im off to bed cause im soooooo tired. its a day 2. i hate day 2s. during seminar im gonna go do a gym make up.. hopefully. poms is also until 5:30 next 2 days. dont think i can stay that late on wednesday. thursday we are not coming home at all.. we stay until after our poms show. like 8 or 8:30ish. then i run straight to dance until 10. woo. what a lovely thursday this will be for me.. argh.

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ahh! [23 Mar 2003|10:44pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

no time to write. ill write about it tomorrow. competitions are so much fun. i <3 em. we did great!!

ordinary day . solo . gold
opening door . lyrical . high gold + 2nd place overall
dark of the night . gold .
summer breeze . high gold
beautiful day . high gold + 1st place overall

i will write more about them tomorrow & other things people got. i woke up today @ 5.. got like 5 hours of sleep last night. stayed @ a dance competition for 15 hours. ahh one long day. im tired. im going to bed. im sleeping in tomorrow.. missing 1st, 2nd, 3rd hr.
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clock is ticking down.. [22 Mar 2003|10:34pm]
[ mood | intimidated ]

today. woo it went by fast. woke up & went to modern. not that many people were there, but it was so much fun. there was katie, megan, trish, court, linds + me. we did a bunch of funny stuff suzi learned @ a workshop last weekend. then we did a few privates cause comps. are tomorrow. kt + megan did theres.. i love their duet! then court did her solo! i <3 it also! then did mine. i had no shoes to wear though (cause all i had was modern today) & so i couldnt do everything like turns perfectly, but i actually thought i did good. then we did jazz. i was coughing so much. it was crazy. hopefully i dont tomorrow. then we went next door cause norma didnt have a class. we ran through lyrical. then elite jazz, heathers solo & stuff. left like 30 mins later than we were supposed. came home & didnt feel good @ all so i layed down for like 3 hours. then i did hw all night. ugh. then last minute costume alterations. got all my stuff ready for tomorrow. ugh i dont know if im so excited anymore. maybe im just stressin'. i dunno.. im excited for groups. i dunno about my solo.. hm. well i gotta go finish getting things ready. gotta wake up @ 5 tomorrow.

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starlink is here! [22 Mar 2003|12:58am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

ahh today was.. um.. friday. didnt seem like it though which was dissapointing. this weekend is gonna be tiring. woo. well english we started lord of the flys. ahh. geometry..omg. i had to make up hw quiz, then i had to get notes from hil from last class i missed & get todays notes. i have 3 page wksheets (last times hw), 2 pages of book work + read 2 lessons in book. ugh! + monday i gotta go in @ lunch to take a quiz they took today in class. seminar.. read basically all hour. lunch, i went out to eat w/jess. ended up being jess, me, claire, lindsey + jill. we ate @ coney & all got grilled cheese. yummy. french was so boring today, as usual. had a quiz.. pop quiz? lol i dont remember her telling us we had one. i think i did ok. but the class seemed like 2 hours today. i looked at the clock twice every minute that went by. omg. poms was so boring. absolutely pointless. we didnt add anything on & we need to. now we have like 1 or 2 days to learn rest & perfect it. i really had soooooo much to do so i was mad we were there not moving on. god it was so hot. after jess + liz came over. we ate pizza & didnt have time to teach dance cause we had to leave for comp. i think were gonna teach it to her tomorrow. went to comps.. read convos from IMs in car (lol dont ask). got there & talked to lauren. she was really nervous. we watched a lot of dances. we saw lindsey + ashley do their solos too. they did really good. they both got golds. um.. well lauren went & i screamed really loud. lol i suprised a lot of people :-p. lauren did amazing. she got a gold too. after we talked & stayed for awards to see what lauren got. had some funny times tonight.. jess-"what year did your brother graduate?". me-"when did my mom graduate..? um.."
liz + jess- *laugh* "you need a hearing aid kristin.." haha its not my fault though. i cant hear out of these ears.. stupid ear infections. after we went to mcdonalds & got fries + ice cream. lol i got "the big one" size ice cream!! haha good times. so much fun tonight. tomorrow i have modern.. early. then back home to do hw. then jess + liz probably come over to learn dance. then last minute alterations on costumes.. get stuff ready for next morning. get to wake up @ 5am on sunday. woo. lol ill be @ the competition from 7am-9 or 10pm. thats long. haha. about..14 or 15 hours. ugh well no one is gonna be there for my solo. it sucks. some people were, but cant now. lauren is staying!! i love her. she is staying until awards & everything cause i gotta give her a ride home. i hope i do good. im not really nervous, but yet i kinda am. its weird cause i love doing my solo, but this year its different. i dont feel confident in my song, dance + everything.. plus being in 15-16 makes it worse. ugh. im like the last one to go in mine. it sucks. well gotta go to bed now.. tired, modern tomorrow, long weekend ahead.

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just another pointless day.. [20 Mar 2003|11:12pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

today was so pointless. 1st hour he let us do whatever we want. i decided to sleep. i woke up alarmed to the bell & got scared. haha. i got a 94% on my test!! omg i thought i did so bad. also got an A on my project.. yay! desktop publishing was so boring as usual. swim, ms. smith said i didnt have to swim cause of my double ear infection & wouldnt count it against me. yay. i slept on bleachers & some kid screamed in my ear & shook me. scared me again. lunch i went to elaines w/liz. saw jess & lindsey there. science we had pop quiz.. ahh! after school was AMAZING again!! poms was soooooooooo long. seemed never ending. dance was eh tonight. pointe we did ab work, then got costumes then showed another class. tap wasnt too great. i felt stupid @ one part. solo was sooooo tiring, but i didnt do too bad. hit my triples every time & did my little weird leap thing really good. hopefully i do good @ comps. well tomorrow im going to see lauren @ comps. i know she will do great!! good luck! i love u! well mom is being pissy.. gotta go!

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war in iraq.. has just begun.. [19 Mar 2003|10:59pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

woah. i didnt update yesterday. well it was an okay day. history took test -- didnt do my best :-\ desktop publishing did nothing. swim.. we swam. lunch, i ate with jess. melvin scared the crap out of us @ one point. woo good times. 4th hour we did a lab. i think i did it all wrong. it was good though, for certain reasons or another. after school.. was like amazing. ahh liz!! u know why! haha. poms was just.. ugh aggravating. i dunno. came home & did hw all night. wrote 4 page paper for english out by hand & then typed it. then did a bunch of geometry problems, french hw & more. i stayed up until like 1. anyways i felt so sick yesterday. ugh. my ear was bothering the crap out of me. i knew something was wrong. so today my mom let me sleep in because i was gonna go to the doctors, but i didnt. i got the medicene prescription & ear drops. its a double ear infection. ugh its so annoying. well i went back to school because 4th hour i had a presentation. went in for lunch so i could go to elaines w/liz like promised but she wasnt there. so i thought she ditched me. ended up finding her like 5 mins before lunch ended. ugh. then had french presentation.. it went okay :-\ lol me + jax brought in apple cake, cheesecake & little waterbottles. omg everyone loved us for that. but we had sooo much food. we had the stuff we brough, cookies, brownies, watermelon, french bread, etc. oy it was good though. then after school was poms. boring. then dance was just tiring. i hurt my ankle/foot. did something & fell on ground.. didnt get up for like 30 seconds. angelina isnt gonna dance.. her doctor told her she couldnt dance on her ankle. rylie isnt in it either. ugh. not good. we still didnt get schedules in.. linda is going crazy!! but i know by general category times.. that i will be there from 7am-9pm on sunday. woo :p some things happend @ jazz tonight.. not good. wont go into any detail though. um.. well now im at home. & war has just begun. everyone was freaking out the other day & i was just like yeah.. ok. but now it has just sunk in. man were @ war. like i mean war.. like korean war, WWI, WWII.. maybe not as big as those wars but its still WAR! i mean, im a little nervous now. should i be?

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